External attack surface management for Enterprise

Cloud vulnerability scanner with expert support

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С кем мы работаем
С кем мы работаем
С кем мы работаем
С кем мы работаем
С кем мы работаем
С кем мы работаем
С кем мы работаем
С кем мы работаем
С кем мы работаем
С кем мы работаем
С кем мы работаем
С кем мы работаем
С кем мы работаем
С кем мы работаем

Problems we solve

Protect against loss of money and critical data
as a result of cyber attacks

Multiple false positives

We constantly monitor our system for false alarms and correct user requests

Low speed of vulnerability scanners

Use distributed server network and check over 150,000 domains and IP addresses per day

Not enough time to secure the perimeter

Weekly meetings with the IS team and build up the process of vulnerability management

The IS department can’t replicate the attack

For interactive vulnerabilities and exploits, show the instruction to play the attack

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Scanning from Metascan

Perform scans regularly - when putting systems into operation,
releases, changes in the network infrastructure

Шаги сканирования
Find subdomains,
IP addresses and networks used by the company
Find vulnerabilities in network devices, system services, web applications
Regularly check the network perimeter of TCP and UDP protocols for compliance with the “white list“, of ports and services
Together with you we hold an IS meeting where we report on the past period and provide reports

to your project

Based on the results of the scan, we will hold an online meeting once a week and help
in building a resource protection strategy

8 out of 10 companies find critical vulnerabilities from the first scan

Pilot the project in 14 days and get the report
containing the list of vulnerabilities to fix

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Configure the necessary checks

Find vulnerabilities from network configuration flaws to errors in source code.

  • We will find all malicious files, including backdoors, viruses, hacker tools.

  • Solve the problem of losing money and critical data through a hack.

  • It’ll only take a few minutes to check for any existing vulnerabilities.

Try for 7 days
Try for 7 days

Metascan modules

We use free software modules and proprietary components

Network of 50 servers
DNS Analysis
Web Vulnerability
Directory Matching
Network Devices
+24 modules
Resource being checked
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